David goes to Disney! (96 More Days!)

published on 30 October, 2014

What do you picture when you think of the happiest place on earth? Walt Disney World of course! Well I have the incredible opportunity to take part in a 6 months stay in Disney. As of February 2nd 2015, I will officially be a cast member of Disney for the Disney College Program Spring Advantage!

Well, what is the Disney College Program and what do you mean by spring advantage?(You may be asking)? The Disney College Program is an internship offered to college students who are looking to enhance their resume and develop great skills. During the college program you'll receive a role (such as attractions, merchandise, character attendant, life guard, etc), you'll be paid and receive great benefits such as free park entrances, discounts, and the experience of a lifetime. To answer the second part of the question, spring advantage is simply the duration of my stay at Walt Disney World. I'll arrive in Orlando February 2,2015 (Actually a few days early 1.Because of the Super Bowl, 2. since I'm flying I'll need to buy some essentials in Orlando, and 3. Why not?) and my date of departure is August 7, 2015. The process of applying for this college program was very, well... interesting. First you must complete an application. Then you'll receive a web-based interview followed by a phone interview a few days later. The phone interview was very nerve-racking, but I must say I pulled it off well. Then of course I had the pleasure of waiting nearly 2 months to hear I was finally accepted.

 I couldn't be anymore excited and nervous for this experience! I will be documenting everything, whether it's blog or vlog. There is currently 96 days until I leave for Orlando so I'll try to keep you all updated. 

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Forgive me for the picture quality! Scanner is down, so I had to take a picture of a picture, haha.