PRE-DCP: Postcard Official!

published on 27 November, 2014

So a week or two ago I received my post card from Disney which read, "Congratulations Dave!". After your acceptance, your postcard is the next thing you wait for. The whole process of the Disney College Program is a series of waiting games. First you wait anxiously for your phone interview, then you'll wait months for your acceptance (weeks or days if you're lucky), followed by postcard and your arrival date.

Speaking of arrival day, mine is in exactly 67 days (Which is February 2nd, 2014). I have finally booked an hotels, flight, and rental car for the trip down there. Unfortunately my parents won't be able to make the trip with me, so my lovely grandmother offered to help me settle in.

I wrote this post earlier this month, but I've been trying not to focus much on DCP because it's makes the wait feel that much longer. But since I want the whole process documented for me to look back on one day, I'm going to try to be more active.

Is this semester over yet? (90 More Days!)

published on 03 November, 2014

It's technically Tuesday morning (1:02 AM) right now, and I'm just finishing up some homework. 

Am I the only one over this fall semester? Since finding out I was accepted into the Disney College Program I've been very anxious for this semester to end. I'm really looking forward to getting out of Buffalo, and having new experiences because I just feel trapped. But now I'm starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel!

How is your fall semester going? 

Happy Halloween! (94 More Days!)

published on 01 November, 2014

First of all, Happy Halloween everyone! 

Today is October 31st, which leaves 94 more days until the Disney College Program! I wish I could just fast forward time to around January 20th just so I could begin packing, and planning. 

Today has been a very long day! My classes were canceled, so I ventured out on the town and ended buy a new camera for vlogging. Of course as soon as I turned the camera on, it died, but luckily I had my large DSLR to vlog with. I'm in the process of editing the vlog now, and I've never notice how angry a driver I am. According to me, everyone is a horrible driver, and I'm the only smart one on the road. 

It was fun shooting this vlog. I'm going to take my camera with me everywhere now.

I'm going to start working on a bucket list for my college program! What are some must do's while in Disney?

Link me to your blogs and vlogs in the comments!